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About the project

Frago is an end-end business management intelligence tool that Bellcorp Studio helped build from scratch. We have been associated with Credsquare as long-term in-house development partners and helped scale up the process from POC to handling customers.

The product has UI visualisations, outreach, and customisable business insights to help businesses and firms make informed decisions. It not only is bound to this list of activities but is ever-growing with major integrations within it such as with the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Shopify that are in progress. It caters to businesses in the F&B, healthcare, retail, travel & tourism, automotive, and manufacturing segments and the product is highly flexible and customisable to cater specifically to any of these segments. 

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Key Features

Tell your story (a one-of-its-kind explanative way of getting user feedback) with self-creative flows to formulate a questionnaire

CRM (SMS, email); Whatsapp- in progress

Audit logs

Insights on business performance customised to the business entity

Cohorts segmentation and management

Customisable CRM and other workflows 

Business-specific insights


Automated Data Pipelines processing more than 50 GB of data / day.


Emails / hour at a rate of 100/ sec


High Availability

< 20ms

Avg Response p99

Client Testimonial

Gaurav Sharma
CEO - Creadsquare Technologies

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