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We have delivered innovative and results-oriented workforce management solutions for many clients.
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Bellcorp Studio Workforce
Management Solutions

We have successfully helped many businesses automate their traditional work practices, transforming them into modern workplaces with many workforce management solutions. We specialize in building best-in-class solutions that bring value to your business.

Time Tracking

Track your employees' active time on any project or task to be able to bill your clients accurately for all that your team has done, with proof of work in the form of screenshots & URLs/apps visited.


Geofence work-sites for your on-site or in-premise employees to automate their clocking in and out based on their location, calculate work hours and track their availability.

Productivity Measurement

Get insights on each employee's or team's productivity charts for creating a more efficient & productive team, telling you accurately about how your employees manage and use their time for multiple tasks.

Timesheet Management

Get rid of manual time-keeping and timesheets management. Automate timekeeping with easy-to-manage timesheets and track productive, billable time with detailed insights and proof of work.

Online Attendance Management

Track your employees’ time and attendance with a user-friendly system. Manage your team's attendance via facial recognition via the web or mobile app with a single click clock-in/clock-out.

End to End Workforce Management Solutions

We can help you ideate, design, and build innovative financial products that help you stay ahead of the competition. Here take a glance at some of the services for their financial landscape automation, that we offer to our prestigious clients:

Employee Monitoring

Monitor each employee's activities with a list of URLs & apps visited, system screenshots at regular intervals, and productivity charts to identify the gaps needed to be filled for improved workforce management.

Selfie Validation

Validate your employee's clock-in and clock-out with an AI-enabled facial recognition & validation feature at the time of marking attendance.

GPS Tracking

Manage your in-field team's locations by GPS tracking and help them save the hassles of road closure and traffic jams by pre-informing them of the route. Also, find the time they may take to report to the work site based on the current location.

Project Budgeting

Pre-estimate your project's budget based on previous trends and keep it under control throughout the project by getting pre-intimation upon which all teams or tasks are taking longer than anticipated.

Detailed Reporting

Get detailed reports in an AI-enabled intuitive dashboard on insights about your entire workforce, attendance, productivity, tasks, and how they are utilizing their productive or non-productive time on their systems.

360° Zoho CRM
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Looking for a 360° Zoho CRM development company in India? Look no further! Our expert team specializes in Zoho CRM development, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs.

From customization and integration to workflow automation and reporting, we provide end-to-end services to enhance your CRM experience. Boost your sales, streamline processes, and maximize productivity with our top-notch Zoho CRM development services in India.
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Industry-Specific Zoho App Development
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We have been delivering innovative workforce management solutions, resolving business challenges, and helping them manage their teams more efficiently.
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