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About the project

Esteemed AI and machine learning-driven comprehensive SaaS solutions.

With integrations from Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, and Scootsy, our best-in-class products are white-labelled by POS & hardware vendors through single end-point integration thus enabling them to have hands-on to 10+ product solutions

Use Cases:

1. Restaurants, cloud kitchens, delivery kitchens, enterprise restaurants, ghost kitchens, and self-delivery enabled restaurants to have a holistic solution that caters for them

2. POS systems that can perform a single end-point integration to get hands-on to online orders in their tool, access to white-labelled 10+ product solutions

3. Consultants to give informed decisions for business improvements and stability

4. Enterprise restaurants that prefer to have a comprehensive suite of ready-to-launch central monitoring tools, marketing tools, business insights, etc


Key Features

Point of Sale

Restaurant CRM

Loyalty Program

Feedback Management System

Kitchen Display System

Waiter App

AI & Machine Learning Integrations

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