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Expert IoT product development and solutions for your business needs.
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IoT & Blockchain

Unlock the power of IoT and Blockchain with our expert solutions, enabling secure and efficient data exchange and streamlining your business operations for maximum efficiency and growth.

IoT & Big Data

Integrate IoT and Big Data for smarter decision-making, enhanced efficiency, and improved customer experiences with our expert solutions.

IoT & Machine

Transform your business with IoT and Machine Learning, leveraging real-time insights and predictive analytics to drive innovation and growth.

IoT Apps

From ideation to deployment, we offer top-notch IoT app development services that cater to your unique business needs and enhance your overall operations

IoT Services

We specialise in developing reliable, scalable, and secure IoT software solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of connected devices.
Our end-to-end IoT software development services encompass everything from conceptualisation to deployment and maintenance, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and providing actionable insights to drive better business outcomes.
Web and Desktop IoT
App Development
IoT Mobile App
IoT Cloud Interface
IoT Remote Control
App Tethering
3rd-Party Services
Embedded Software
IoT Wearables & Connected Apps Development

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How We Work?

Fixed Scope of Work

Be its cloud solutions, development or mobile, web or desktop apps, creation of custom, enterprise, or SaaS apps. We have a team ready for your every need.

Long Term Engagement

Our strong pillar is that we follow adaptive planning in an agile approach to build apps. This helps us reduce repetition in work and empower cross-functional team collaboration to deliver projects.

Partnership with
Bellcorp Studio
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immediate project

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For enterprise organizations, we design and develop solutions for businesses using latest tech stack. We build software that automates business processes.


Startup accelerators turn to us for our specialists. We provide dedicated teams with the skills needed to accelerate the growth of innovative companies.


MVP to idea validation, we help startups develop ideas into products and turn them into businesses. Get your app into users' hands quicky with bellcorp studio.


Over the years, we've been accumulating our
expertise in building software for different segments.
Below industries where we have particularly strong knowledge.
Machine learning
Food Tech
Cloud Based Apps
Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Why Choose 
Bellcorp Studio for
IOT Solution Development?

We create mobile and web apps of any complexity for B2C and B2B use cases. Our clients come from many different industries.

Over the years, we’ve built up specific knowledge and expertise in creating applications for multiple niches.
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Keeping customers at the centre of the service delivery is in our traits. Our quick turnaround time and proactive approach assist our clients to rehearse the future and outperform the competition.
Our machine first approach empowers you to bypass the repetitive manual tasks. Greater levels of automation through Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive capabilities and analytics bring efficiency and competitive edge.
When we solve business challenges, we envision solutions that can be scaled. Our dynamic resourcing calibration can replicate any solution for a much larger playing ground, creating compelling digital experiences.
Cost Effective
Our flexible, reliable and efficient service delivery sets us apart from the rest and helps our clients perform to the best of their capacities in this competitive market environment, adding value to every level.
Data Analysis
To bring your business objectives to life and create an app that will have high demand on the market, the team performs business and market research. The insights we get from this research allow us to form a feature list to satisfy your end customers’ needs.

What our clients
say about us?

CEO - Biggies Burger
“Thank you so much for your support. We truly appreciate Bellcorp Studio's support in our journey for taking care of end-end aspects of our business. Your attitude and support is the x-factor. Your product was really very helpful and user friendly and we wish you all the best for your future in terms of growth and excellency.”
Gaurav Sharma
CEO - Creadsquare Technologies

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Top 10 most
innovative machine
learning firms
By Futurology
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Top SaaS
firms of 2021

By US based Latka
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Best emerging
service provider
of the year 2021
Nominated by
Silicon India
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Top 10 restaurant management
By Silicon India
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Indian achievers
award 2021-2022
Indian Achievers' Forum
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Outstanding contribution to
the IT sector
8th Global Choice
award - 2022

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