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With our Azure managed service, we can offer guidance about the best cloud service that suits your demands.
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Microsoft Azure
Managed Services

With our Azure managed service, we can offer guidance about the best cloud service that suits your demands. Also, we can configure you to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and then manage it on your behalf on an ongoing basis.

Azure Administration & Troubleshooting

When it comes to administration and troubleshooting, our able team of experts will assist you in:Azure services administration, Azure resources configuration, Data flow management via Azure, Backing up of the data stored in the Azure resources.

Azure Monitoring

We monitor your Azure-based apps 24/7. Our IT team continually monitors these apps and services to identify potential issues with configuration, security, and any other cause. We can professionally deploy various tools such as Azure Monitor, Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, among others, to guarantee that your apps are highly reliable and available.

Azure Cybersecurity

We always protect your Azure environment by adhering to the following practices: Designing the whole security strategy plus its technical components, Carrying out frequent security monitoring throughout your Azure-based systems, Configuring and managing access to the cloud resources, Offering security updates and patches, Identifying the cloud IT infrastructure breaches timely and Carrying out routine susceptibility scans and penetration testing

Azure Use Optimisation

Based on your organization's goals, our professionals identify underutilized resources and plan to enhance their efficiency. We are always more than ready to offer you actionable recommendations based on the usage of your Azure services optimization.

Azure Compliance

We need our clients to comply with the outlined standards. As a result, for secure data processing and storage, we often assess your Azure environment's compliance with the industry's standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, DSS, ISO 27001, and NIST 800.

End to End Azure Managed Service

Bellcorp Studio provides end-to-end Azure managed services, including migration, deployment, maintenance, and optimization, to help businesses leverage the full potential of Microsoft Azure cloud technology.

Deploying Web Apps on Azure

Our team develops web apps and services using .NET, Java, PHP, Python or Node.js for the Azure platform. These apps can perform data analysis thanks to Cognitive Services and incorporate continuous integration and delivery.

Developing Artificial Intelligence with Azure

Predictive software, bots and other AI capabilities are possible thanks to Azure apps and services. By analyzing big data, these AI apps can make informed decisions in real time.

Migrating to Azure

Bellcorp Studio team migrates enterprise infrastructures to the Azure IaaS platform. We first catalog the existing workloads and software, then place them into categories.

Managing IoT Devices with Azure

Our Microsoft Azure Development services include Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using custom Azure applications. These apps connect IoT devices to the internet and to each other, allow for data collection and analysis and have device security features.

Microsoft Azure Mobile App Development

Mobile apps developed with Azure App Service often have authentication through Facebook or another social platform; other mobile apps appropriate for Azure include apps that provide push notifications or have backend storage.

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Leading Azure Managed Services Company

Bellcorp Studio is a leading Azure managed service company, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses, including migration, deployment, security, and optimization, to ensure efficient and effective operations on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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From Fintech to SAAS, we deliver industry specific Azure Solutions your products and service according to your business requirements.

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Why Choose 
Bellcorp Studio for Azure Service?

Our Microsoft Azure services run the gamut from platform optimization to enterprise application development, helping both newcomers and longtime Azure users:

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Scalable, fault-tolerant and highly available cloud-based applications.


High-Performance Data and analytics solutions that support strategic decision-making.

Agile Management

At Bellcorp Studio, we have team of experienced DevOps Engineer with in depth experience from development to deployment to testing.

On Time Delivery

We follow agile methodology for Azure Managed Service project management to make sure deliver projects on time with highest quality.

Best Azure Practices

Our developers follow best Azure practises to building web applications and use latest frameworks of Azure for better functionality and features.

24/7 Azure Support

We provide 24/7 Azure Support