How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Restaurant App?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Restaurant App?

Cost to Develop A Restaurant App

With the arrival of the digital revolution in the present, almost every sector is reviving. The restaurant sector is not an exception, as it is likewise embracing the new developments and striving to evolve for the benefit of its patrons.

In this way, a number of well-known and even lesser-known restaurants are developing their mobile applications in order to contact their consumers more effectively and offer them better services. 

There is a chance that a restaurant owner or someone new to the industry can take advantage of. The information provided below will be very helpful to you if you are beginning a restaurant business and want to learn more about developing a restaurant mobile app and its costs. 

Insights About Restaurant Mobile App

A restaurant mobile app is referred to as a customized SaaS solution that enables customers to access restaurant services from home and also enables restaurants to engage with their clients and plan events. It is ideal for restaurant operators who want to digitise the ordering process to enhance the client experience.

Through the use of a mobile app, restaurants may eliminate the invisible barrier between their services and customers and increase productivity. Additionally, users will have access to a variety of services, including a digital menu, meal delivery, advance reservations, availability checks, pick-up services, etc. 

Why would the company need restaurant Application development?

A well-designed mobile app is something that restaurants want to have for a variety of reasons. Before getting into the specifics of restaurant mobile app solutions, let's take a closer look at them. 

  1. Brand Awareness

A restaurant mobile ordering app has the ability to greatly improve your business's visibility, market it to consumers, and boost customer traffic. Apps can help you increase brand awareness in a variety of ways: push notifications aid in remarketing, wait time gamification boosts engagement, geo-location tagging makes you well-known in a certain area, etc. 

  1. Increased Bookings

Mobile applications for restaurants gain from more bookings and reservations due to the rising demand for on-demand apps. Apps significantly improve bookings by enabling clients to identify your restaurant and make reservations directly from the app.

  1. Extended Loyalty 

Excellent service and delicious meals are insufficient to boost your loyalty rate. A rewards programme that gives customers a discount on their subsequent orders or when they recommend a friend can significantly increase sales and revenue in the restaurant industry.

  1. Collect client feedback

Customers today are quite vocal about their opinions. Even though people might not feel comfortable discussing your food or the environment of the restaurant until it becomes really bad, they will undoubtedly post about their experience online. You may find out what your customers want or are seeking for in the review/feedback part of your restaurant application.

Therefore, following these reasons the company needs the restaurant application development. 

Major Components of the Mobile Restaurant App

A long list of incredible features that are taken into consideration for your restaurant application is provided below. Many well-known companies, such McDonald's, Starbucks, etc., have incorporated these elements into their apps to provide their customers with a superior experience.

  1. Food Plan

These applications offer a list of various food products broken down into categories, along with information about each one's calories, price, and even photographs. To make it simple for users to choose and order their preferred meal, all of the dishes are divided into numerous categories and subcategories. These actions are taken to facilitate and streamline the food order procedure.

  1. Creating a Customized Menu

Customers vary in their culinary selections and preferences. They seek a location that can recognise their eating preferences and cater to them accordingly as a result. Due of their ability to include or eliminate ingredients based on their concerns, restaurants will be able to serve food to even their diet-conscious patrons.

  1. Online Purchase Process

The online order capabilities enable users to choose and order the products at their convenience and after giving the decision-making process enough time. It facilitates their interaction with the restaurant and improves the utility of the service for them. Additionally, users have the choice of ordering delivery, dining in, or pickup. Although creating a restaurant app can be more expensive.

  1. Reserve a Table

Some people decide to reserve a table before leaving their house since they don't want to take the chance at the last minute. In order for such customers to determine if a restaurant has seating available at that time or not, the restaurant mobile app offers a table booking feature. This function will prevent their evening from being ruined.

  1. Location-Based Service

The creators of the restaurant app you've chosen must understand the value of this feature and incorporate it into the app. This can help you expand your business and offer services in other towns and countries. Additionally, it will assist clients in finding your establishment.

  1. Easy Payment Procedure

Users give preference to the software that offers the necessary security and protects their personal information. To provide secure payment transactions and increase the app's dependability for customers, you may also add other payment choices like Apple Pay, PayPal, Online Banking, etc. to the restaurant app.

  1. Social Media Access

Users must have the ability to join up or register on restaurant mobile apps using their other social media accounts. They can share their images on their various social media sites and register fast. Customers can also post a review that will be seen on numerous platforms in order to use it appropriately.

  1. Reviews and feedbacks 

Customers can rate, comment, and/or review the restaurant they received services from on your app. This feedback can provide suggestions to other customers who are considering placing a food order. It is a requirement for a restaurant app, so request its inclusion from both Android and iOS app developers to increase consumer trust in your app. 

Therefore, these are some requirements to be fulfilled for making a mobile restaurant app development. 

Cost Estimates of a Mobile Restaurant App

The query "How much does it cost to design a restaurant app" has an answer right here. When calculating the price of a restaurant mobile app, there are a number of considerations. You can get an idea of those factors from the list below:

  • Platforms for the Deployment of Applications based on Region and Company Experience
  • Features of Mobile Apps UI/UX app 
  • Design Tech Stack & Team Structure Various Payment Integrations
  • App Complicatency
  • Integration with Third-Party APIs

Even yet, there are still a lot of other factors besides those mentioned above. The price range for developing a mobile app for a restaurant will be between $15,000 and $40,000, including basic functionality. It will be less for an MVP version of the software. The same is true for website solutions, as developing a restaurant website is less expensive than developing an app.


Concluding that, developing a mobile app for a restaurant will be very profitable for your company and be a lucrative deal. It is now more crucial than ever for businesses to embrace digitization after the previous pandemic catastrophe. Going digital now will help businesses and allow them to capitalise on untapped potential. For your restaurant business, a well-built app with a great feature will attract new clients and keep the ones you already have.

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