How Much Does It Cost To Develop an IoT App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an IoT App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an IoT App? 

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is one of the contemporary technologies that links sensor-equipped items and is essential for disseminating information across compatible hardware, software, and communication networks. The global adoption of IoT-powered wearables and smart home appliances has grown as a result of people's busy lifestyles. Similarly, businesses in the manufacturing, retail, and healthcare sectors are increasingly relying on IoT technologies to stay connected and engage in intelligent interactions with their resources and assets.

The number of popular IoT mobile apps for Android and iPhone downloads and installations to remotely control and manage IoT sensor-compatible devices peaked in the later years. 

Overview of the IoT Development Market

The IoT app development market's high demand has created a good sentiment-driven prognosis for the technology, which has led to the figures listed below, which illustrate the technology's rise.

  • By the end of 2022, it is anticipated that corporations will spend $1.1 trillion worldwide on the Internet of Things. 
  • It is anticipated that consumers would spend $123 billion USD on IoT-based smart home systems and products.
  • Additionally, as part of smart city plans, $124 billion has been spent on IoT and other communication technologies including data analytics and 5G.

Many firms are looking for information on IoT app development cost and IoT project cost estimation due to the current status and demand for IoT technology. As a result, this article discusses how to develop IoT apps, how much it costs for businesses to use IoT, and how IoT app development services may help you automate company processes.

Promising IoT App Development Use Cases

Small businesses now have access to Software-as-a-Service as a norm thanks to IoT, providing them the chance to develop their online presence. Let's look at what else specialised IoT development can accomplish:

  1. Manufacturing 

Machine to Mechanical parts have always been an indispensable component of the production industry. When IoT is linked to the manufacturing realm, the capability of simplifying processes and tracking everything in real time is unsurpassed. The manufacturing industry now provides workers with a thorough understanding of equipment status, fuel levels, to-be-replaced parts, and other things with the use of IoT and AR.

  1. Digital Healthcare

The healthcare sector is constantly seeing the introduction of new, innovative technologies. From blockchain, which is poised to completely change the health and care sector, to AI, which is already having an impact on the sector.

  1. Retail

The development of Internet of

Things applications based on IoT technology have a lot of prospects in the retail sector. The addition of the Internet of Things to the retail industry enables a variety of trade activities, such as supply chain management and intelligent shopping, which creates a nice collection based on factors like location, price point, and specific customer characteristics.

  1. Smart House

One of the most well-liked Internet of Things applications is already smart homes, and this trend is expected to continue. Software that monitors electricity, gas, water, or remote control systems, as well as security, are all a component of the Internet of Things ecosystem and are expected to become a frequent feature of daily life, reducing the need for human intervention. 

  1. The Smart Car

By the year 2023, it is predicted that 72.5 million linked cars will have been sold. Many new cars entering the market throughout the world will include connected car capabilities, including Wi-Fi connectivity, position tracking, emergency dispatch, remote starting, petrol compare prices, remote parking, and anti-theft geo-fencing.

  1. Effective Supply Chain

The smart supply chain is a key innovation engine for the enterprise IoT. According to a Forrester report, by 2023, the IoT supply chain will account for 25% of all enterprise IoT spending. Operational Efficiencies and High Revenue are two of the main advantages that IoT will provide to the Supply Chain area.

Rough Cost of Developing an IoT App?

The typical price to design an IoT app is between $20,000 and $60,000. For instance, developing IoT apps for machine and system monitoring would cost at least $25,000. Similar to this, an IoT app for manufacturing or automated smart homes would cost approximately $50,000.

However, there are a number of elements that will affect the cost of developing an IoT mobile application or solution, including:

Application kinds that have been around for a while :

  1. The number of developers on your team will determine how much it will cost to develop an IoT app.
  2. Depending on how long it takes to design, create, test, and finish an IoT app
  3. The price of developing mobile applications varies by region. For instance, 
  4. The hourly rate for custom mobile app development services in South-East Asia ranges from $20 to $40.
  5. A mobile app development company in Eastern Europe will charge between $30 and $50.
  6. The top Indian mobile app development business will charge between $50 and $25.

Challenges of IoT App Solutions

Listed below are a few IoT app development difficulties that you could experience when creating IoT-based programmes and systems:

  1. High Investment Costs

It is advised to have numerous "bite-sized" IoT deployments with clear milestones and affordable costs in order to control the cost of IoT development.

  1. Breaches of security

Hacking and security lapses are one of the greatest issues that the IoT app solution sector must deal with. And with good reason; for an ecosystem that depends only on an internet connection, hackers can be a hornet's nest.

  1. Uncertain IoT Standards

Despite the fact that there are numerous IoT standards under development, there is still a severe shortage of a global standard in the IoT sector. Nothing but waiting will work in this situation. A single IoT language would reduce the effort required to share the information among the competing platforms, according to organisations like IEEE and The Open Connectivity Foundation. 

  1. Infrastructure for Effective Communication across All Locations

Although using a cellular gateway to link IoT seems excellent, it is challenging to implement everywhere since not every user has optimal phone reception. Building an infrastructure is the answer to this problem, but doing so can be costly.

  1. Maintenance following launch

Testing and deployment are only the beginning of IoT app development. After creating an IoT application, there are additional problems related to post-production and maintenance. You must upgrade the app in accordance with the newest features and services if you want to keep current with trends and technology. We are aware that the firm you choose will determine the maintenance and post-launch support. 

Future of IoT Business development 

IoT has the ability to significantly advance the field of developing mobile applications, advancing every industry in the future:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Sensor Innovation
  3. Social, Legal and Ethical loT
  4.  Trusted Hardware and Operating System
  5.  Infonomics and Data Broking
  6.  Novel loT User Experiences
  7.  The Shift from Intelligent Edge to Intelligent Mesh
  8.  Silicon Chip Innovation
  9.  lot Governance
  10.  New Wireless Networking Technologies for loT

Therefore, the future is dependent so these factors for Iot development. 


Development of IoT mobile applications is currently popular due to the increased demand for IoT-based mobile apps from businesses across all industries. IoT app development has a promising future in a variety of industries, including security, healthcare, smart homes, and automotive.

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