How to Submit Your App to the App Store in 2023?

How to Submit Your App to the App Store in 2023?

Imagine your first app is being released, or perhaps it has been a while. Pushing a launch button to submit an app to the App Store isn't exactly simple, but it's also not particularly difficult.

The premise of this step-by-step guide is that you are already a member of the Apple Developer Program, that your app complies with Apple's App Review and Human Interface Guidelines, and that you are prepared to launch. With information from the most recent version of Xcode, which streamlines some of the procedures, and additional context from Apple's own documentation, it is an upgrade of Gustavo Ambrozio and Tony Dahbura's excellent guidance.


The only thing left to do after successfully building an app is to publish it to the app store. A step-by-step procedure for uploading an app to the Apple store has been developed. You will undoubtedly upload your app successfully and receive an easy approval if the proper steps are taken. Let's begin!

Before Submitting App to App Store 

Let's check the crucial conditions your app must fulfil before we begin the process.

Think upon the technical prerequisites

Let's begin with the technological requirements.

  1. Create a Developer account with Apple

You ought to begin by signing up for the Apple Developer Program. The annual fee for the account is $99. It will have many advantages in addition to helping you publish your app.

  1. Connecting An App Build To The App Store

Before submitting your app for evaluation, you must complete an app build.

Note: You can use Transporter or Xcode to upload the build. You can see the build as a build resource after App Store Connect has processed it.

  1. Meet the legal requirements

The iOS application you submit to the App Store must abide by all local legal requirements.App compliance with the Apple Developer Program License Agreement is verified by Apple. This licence explains data allowance and sharing agreements, data collection and storage, gathering information from children, and protection of data used in health research.

The app ought to include original material that you either created or have permission to use.

  1. Review the rules of conduct

Apple pays close attention to the accuracy of the app information and quality that we see on the Manufacturer's Website in the App Store. Your software should adhere to all App Store rules that are pertinent to the submission of apps.

Step by Step Process of App Submission 

Below are the steps for submission of app in the app store are as follows:-  

  1. Create New App Creation in App Store

To start the process, go to App Store Connect, click My Apps, and hit the + button to add a new app. You will be required to enter the following details when establishing a new app:

You can define which Apple systems your programme supports in the Platforms section.

- Name - 30 characters maximum. The    user will see this as the primary app name on the App Store. 

- The primary language used for the app's content is its primary language. If a language's translations are lacking, the default language will be used.

- You can choose from the app identifiers recorded in the Developer Account under Bundle ID (this value is unique for every app on the App Store). Make sure to select the same ID as was used in Xcode during app archiving if the app build is ready.

- SKU, or stock keeping unit, is an acronym. This value is optional. If you want to link app sales to whatever internal SKU number your accounting system uses, it might be useful.

- User access - specify whether or not certain people or groups within your App Store Connect organisation should be able to access your app.

  1. Establish a product page

You give comprehensive information about the app on the Product Page. Users of the App Store will be able to see this information. By including carefully constructed information, you have the chance to persuade them to download your app.

There are three tabs on the Product Page: iOS App, General, and In-App Purchases. DOPISAC

App / Version Information for iOS

Irrespective as to whether it is the very first release or an update, you can put information about the app's current version in this section.

  1. Submit for evaluation

When all of the metadata is prepared, select "Submit for Review" and then click "Submit." It can be found under "iOS App/Prepare for Submission." The questions about export compliance, content rights, and advertising identifiers may also be asked of you.

  1. Liven up!

It is now time to wait for Apple's expert to review the app and give their approval. In the General / Version history tab, you can view the review's current status.

If declined,

There are crucial corrections that must be made before resubmitting.

You can contact Apple for any inquiries via App Store Connect. Additionally, if you think your application was unfairly denied, you can appeal the decision and lodge a concern.

Due to their low performance, the majority of applications were rejected. Therefore, you must ensure that your programme functions as intended and is bug-free. To lessen the likelihood that your app will be rejected, beta testing can be done using a bug reporting service like Firebase, Crashlytics, Xcode, and others.

If approved, 

You may monitor your app's sales, downloads, ratings, and reviews immediately in App Store Connected if it has been approved now.

After submission for App in the App Store

- Test Rules for Your App Review on the App Store

- Specify your app's name, category, and other information.

- Create and submit screenshots for your app.

- Become a member of the Apple Developer Program.

- Create an account with iTunes Connect.

- Get your app ready for release

- add your application

- Send in your app for evaluation.


Although the process of publishing an app may appear challenging, reading this piece may have caused you to reconsider.

Simply having the necessary materials on hand will allow you to successfully upload your programme to the App Store. You can also read our article on how to publish an android app on the Google Play store to attract users.

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